Saturday Night Jukebox

Saturday Night Jukebox
Saturdays 6pm-11:59pm

Show Times

6:00 pm - 11:59 pm

About the Show

In Australia, music started to pop in the 50’s with its own brand of surf music thanks to Col Joye and the Joye Boys, Normie Rowe and Johnny O'Keefe. Over the next two decades these early stars influenced a whole country of new rock and pop stars.

Across the Atlantic, in England, radio stations started to pick up on the sound of a young Elvis, spawning a decade plus of bubblegum pin up boys and boy groups like Cliff Richard, Donovan, Tommy Roe and even Barry Manilow in the 70’s.

Anti war songs and an interest in rhythm and blues thanks to the likes of Bob Dylan and Muddy Waters, influenced many rising stars on both sides of the Atlantic including the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards and crew, the Beatles (beat music), The Yardbirds and The Animals.

It was a decade of experimental music that started the career of many of today’s biggest bands and ongoing solo artists. Now over 50 years’ later, the Breeze is revisiting the music of our baby boomers Saturday nights from 6pm until midnight.

Over 6 hours of the biggest chart toppers from the 60’s and 70’s on your favourite radio station, the Breeze. So crank up the radio this Saturday night and relive two of the biggest decades in music with us. Don’t forget to keep our website close by so you can check the last played listing of songs (helps with the music arguments!).

Jukebox, Saturday nights 6pm-midnight.