Personal aromatherapy diffusers

I want to tell you about a company called Zense.

Zense is an aromatherapy on the go device, a personal essential oil diffuser – aromatherapy in the palm of your hands! 

The Zense team sent me three of their diffusers – Mellow, Joy and Zest. Mellow is a relaxing combination of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram and Soothing Valerian. Joy has a subtle mixture of lemon, tyme and vanilla to life your spirits and zest has hints of ginger, lemon and black pepper to help you start the day on the right foot.

Each diffuser is made from stainless steels and adheres to rigorous safety standards. They are powered by a lithium battery and when your diffuser is activated, it starts warming the pre-loaded blend of organic plant based extracts and oils so you can enjoy it on the go!

To use them, you inhale them through your mouth and then gently exhale through the nose. There’s no mixing or preparation involved. Each blend is completely free of artificial ingredients, tobacco, nicotine, gluten and GMO’s. They aren’t tested on animals and the vegan and vegetarian blends are only sourced from the best gardens and farms.

The difference between normal smoking and Zense is that Zense blends don’t burn, so there is no smoke to enhale. After activating the device and following the steps, you may see a light mist when you exhale but its not smoke – it’s nothing more than vapour.

For anyone that loves essential oils and believes in the benefits that they can give you, these are such a great idea to have. 

I recommend heading to their website and reading all about them – especially what they do and the health benefits. You can see it all at bezense dot com dot au

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