The perfect alternative without all the nasties in regular potato chips!

Now I know this one won’t tickle everyone’s fancy – but if you haven’t heard of Broccoli Chips…I highly recommend you give them a try!

The team at Wholesupps sent me four bags of X50 Broccoli Chips with four flavours to try out – sea salt, bbq, wasabi, and spicy.

These broccoli chips are made from real broccoli – you can increase your vegetable intake by eating these chips! Broccoli is packed full of goodness and fibruous carbs which break down easily and can support your metabolism.

If you’re craving crunch, these chips are the perfect alternative without all the nasties in regular chips that some people try and avoid.

For me, the bbq ones were the tastiest. You have to really like wasabi to enjoy that flavour, the spicy ones had a really nice heat kick aftertaste and the sea salt ones tasted a little too much like broccoli for me!

If you’re not the biggest fan of broccoli but want to try these chips, I would recommend closing your eyes and going in for a bite because once you get the flavour, you wouldn’t even know that you’re eating broccoli!

X50 Broccoli chips are available at most health food stores, or you can visit the x50 website at greenteax50 dot com dot au and check out a bunch of their other products including tea, protein and other snacks! 

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