A revolutionary way to drink water!

Sadly, our oceans are becoming filled with plastic and it never goes away – the earth cannot digest it and our reliance on it is overwhelming our planet.

Water3 wants to help you change your old plastic water bottle habits. They want to make the world cleaner, greener and a healthier place for everyone. And they’re asking for your help.

Their refill stations are in all the places you’ll need them most. They provide still and sparkling water and their refill stations can even dispense your very own reusable stainless steel water bottle if you need one! Or, you can use your own water bottle with spring water refills starting from just $1!

I love everything about this company. Their mission and the way they are spreading the word is something that I am proud to talk about with my kids. They have a fantastic range of colours in their drinks bottles and I was lucky enough to get given a beautiful green one to test out. I drink a lot of water and love sparkling water so the fact that they supply both at their refill stations makes me very happy! Ive already brought one each for my kids and they also love their bottles. I love that the refill stations can also dispense the drink bottles if you dont have one, and that you can refill any bottle, not just the Water3 ones. Payment can be made at the water refill stations by credit card or via the chip thats in the bottle, as long as you have registered it online.

And something very cool – if you buy a stainless steel bottle for only $15 using paywave at a refill station, they’ll chuck in a refill for free as part of the purchase!

The refill stations are located at the handiest places like shopping centres, bus stops, hospitals, train stations and more! They are currently all around SEQ and they are looking at expanding their locations in around 12 months. 


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