Improve your posture in just two weeks!

I’m such a bad sloucher. My posture is horrible and it’s something I’ve been trying to work on for years but I always get lazy and just get back to the slouching.

That was until I came across a product called Upright. It’s the latest in health and wellness technology and the most simple, fastest and natural way to improve your posture in just 2 weeks.

The team at Upright sent me the latest model which is called the Upright GO 2. It’s packed with enhanced Multi-Sensor technology and is a very cool little gadget!

Once you download the app on your smartphone, it takes a couple of minutes to set it all up. You set your posture to how you should be sitting and then stick the gadget to a comfortable part of your back that you can reach. It comes with a sticky adhesive patch on the back, plus a few more patches in the pack so that you can keep reusing it.

You can then have a play with the app on your phone and use two modes – Training or Tracking. Training is the mode that you set if you want it to vibrate every time you start to slouch. You use the tracking mode to track your posture during the day and then it will give you a report at the end of the day as to how well you did.

I used it in Training mode mostly because I liked knowing just how bad my posture got at different intervals during the day. 

It has an impressive 30 hours of battery life per charge which gets you through a few good work days! You can also choose if you sit or stand and how much you move during the day – so it’s not just for office workers that sit all day!

I highly recommend trying out this product if you are a bad sloucher like me – its really affordable for what it is!

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