Makes your water bottle smart! Reminds you to fill up and stay properly hydrated!

If you are someone who needs to drink more water, but you always forget and need someone to motivate you – I present to you… Ulla! 

This little gadget attaches to your drink bottle and reminds you to drink water!

It works with bottles of any shape, size and material and its smart detection sensors remind you to hydrate at least once per hour.

Ive been using my Ulla for about a week now and my water intake has increased massively.

If you are using it on a water bottle at work, on your desk, when you come to the office first thing in the morning, its vibration sensor detects your proximity and immediately starts blinking to remind you to refill your water for the day.

After 30-40 minutes , the Ulla starts blinking again to remind you that it’s time to drink. It’s blinking pattern stimulates your peripheral sight and makes it easy to notice – even when it’s not right in front of you. Mine sits to the side of my desk and I haven’t missed it once!

They come in a bunch of cool colours and patterns and they are very affordable and totally worth it for the health benefits! They’ve also got discounts when you buy 2 or more so don’t miss out! You can visit the website here.

And good news! The team at Ulla sent me a second one to give away to a lucky Breeze listener! If you would love to win one of these great little gadgets – look for the post on the Breeze Facebook page and all you need to do is comment H20 to win! The winner will be picked at random.

If you’d love to increase your water intake, get more energy and avoid headaches.. get your own personal hydration coach – all of the details will be on the Breeze Facebook page!

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