A range of pure to botanical Australian made beard oils with the finest ingredients.

If you are a bearded bloke, know a bearded bloke or just know a bloke who likes to look after his skin then this Jess Test is for you!

The Groomed Man Co have premium and natural mens grooming products that have kept thousands of men across 75 plus countries looking and feeling great since 2014. The Groomnas Man Co was founded on the belief that every man should feel great about the products they use, The Groomed Man Co is the only beard oil in Australia to use botanical oils in their purest form.

The team at The Groomed Man Co sent me a pack with some of their beard oils and balms, and some skincare too.

Obviously, I couldn’t use these products but I found a couple of bearded men in The Breeze offices that were more than happy to test these out for me.

They have a bunch of really cool products – especially the coca cola beard oil. Its coke bottle candy for your beard – without the sugar! Imagine smelling that devine scent in your beard all day!

The guys that tested these products out for me were rapt with the outcome. The beard oil was a favourite – especially because it wasnt strong like others they have used. One of the guys mentioned he normally ends up with sore eyes from the products but these products didnt do that at all. It made his beard sit really nicely and stay that way all day.

The skincare is currently still being tested out but I’ve got nothing but good reviews about it so far!

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for the man in your life – get him something from The Groomed Man Co – visit their website at thegroomedmanco.com.

Each week, we put the latest products to the test with the JESS TEST on the Breeze Network of radio stations across Queensland and New South Wales.  You can read our reviews at thebreeze.com.au and see video and photos on the Breeze Facebook and Instagram pages.

For more information about the Jess Test, contact Jess Harris at the Breeze at jess.harris@thebreeze.com.au or send product samples to Jess Test, P O BOx 1730 Oxenford, Qld 4210

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