Magnesium based products for your face, your body and sleep!

The Base Collective is Australia’s leading Magnesium-based skincare brand, with a range of natural and organic products for face, body and sleep. And when it comes to products full of magesium, it’s definitely worth talking about!

The team from The Base Collective sent me a massive pack of all of their products and I have loved trying them all out!

Firstly, their packaging – I love. It’s plain and simple but in a really good way. Black and white and simple to read – especially the info that is important.

Their products include things like hand and body wash, bath salts, body balm, Vitamin E Cream, sprays and even a beauty sleep balm and of course – they are all full of magnesium.

We all know just how good magnesium is for us – especially those of us who are needing a little extra help with things like muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels and blood pressure. So why not incorporate into our everyday lives to give us that extra hit of goodness?

They even have a range for the little ones – a magnesium and lavendar spray that you spray on the kids pillows, blankets and cuddly toys and it helps them drift off to sleep! My new favourite product!!

Their beauty sleep wash was awarded the beauty shortlist wellbeing awards winner this year and I can assure you – they are very deserving of that!

To check out their full range, you can visit their website at the base collective dot com dot au or you can visit our website at the breeze dot com dot au for more info – just look for The Jess Test

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