A product to tame those flyaways!

If flyaways and frizzy hair are your worst nightmare, I’ve found a product to help you tame those fluffy little strands and style your hair in seconds with a long lasting, invisible hold.

Ladies, and any gents that have long hair and like to tie it up will know that when you’re having a bad hair day, those flyaways are so frustrating.. especially when you have frizzy or unhealthy hair. Instead of using pins or sprays, let me introduce you to the Stay X Hair Perfecting Wand.

The best way to describe it is like clear mascara. It’s shaped like a mascara tube and has a wand at the end of it that looks like you’re about to apply mascara. Its a clear gel that is formulated with a proven blend of anti-frizz ingredients.

I used the wand both when I was wearing my hair up and down, and it worked great everytime. The wand itself helps to target the flyaway hairs evenly and doesn’t leave your hair glossy or oily. Especially being a blonde, I suffer from frizz quite badly so I loved giving this a go!

When I tie my hair up, I always have those loose and short hairs around my neck and usually have to pin them back with a bobby pin or two… not anymore thanks to this product. A quick flick of the wand through my hair and im good to go!

It’s suitable for all hair types and colours and also helps to strength and condition hair all while being this magical product! It’s small enough to take it anywhere for a touch up here and there – its a nice little secret weapon!!


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