Carrying the future of our world… and your drinks!

Stay Tray is a small business with big dreams and a lofty purpose – to help reduce waste in the world by encouraging conscious habits in our community – all through the use of a humble beverage tray.

Stay Tray is the first and only reusable drink tray made from 100% recyclable material. So if you’re constantly running around picking up coffees, smoothies or any kind of drink, you need a Stay Tray in your life!

The Stay Trays are owned and made entirely in Australia, they are ergonomically designed for carrying ease and neat stacking and they safely hold 4 beverages.

I love this company and this product! I even have my stay tray handy in my car for when I head through the drive through and grab coffees! Im sure you’ve been through a drive through plenty of times and had those cardboard cup holders floating around your car for months! One of these Stay Trays helps to reduce millions of tons of paper waste we generate every year.

The stay trays come in a bunch of really cool colours and is a very affordable product for the amazing outcome you get from using it!

Although the idea first materialised as a coffee cup tray, it’s actually designed to carry standard drink vessels of various shapes and sizes. Drink bottles, juices, sports drinks, baby bottles, fast food drinks, thermoses.

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