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Good times & great music

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Good times & great music

Growing up in Tasmania gave Cheryl a fantastic insight into how small communities can work and live together and today she is a strong advocate for encouraging community cohesion using radio and social media.  

“Radio gives small communities a voice.  It’s a terrific way to share information and bring like minded people together for the benefit of others.  I’ve seen radio introduced to so many regional areas in Australia and watch those communities grow.”

She and her husband left Tasmania in 1991 for the big island and has three adult children, a dog, two cats and five chickens!  We’ve also adopted a magpie called “Bert”. I named him after our Federal MP Bert Van Manen who loves nothing better than a coffee and chat!  Our magpie Bert loves a chat, but not so much the coffee..  

As a cancer survivor, Cheryl actively promotes the power of positive mindset, a spiritual lifestyle and works with community groups supporting research into cancer, support for the homeless and charities that support victims of domestic violence.

I’m a talker and a writer.  People often accuse me of sharing ‘too much’ information, but I believe that if we all start sharing our stories, more people will realise that they are not alone. I want people to know that everyone in their life is at some stage confronted with unbelievable pain but also times of great love and happiness.  It’s how we act in the face of adversity and what we learn from those experiences that shapes us into human beings we are.

Treat everyone and everything with love and understanding and you can’t go wrong.

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