No more plastic bags.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been using some products from a wonderful company who are saying no to plastic.

Seed and Sprout is focused on reducing reliance on single-use plastics.

The wonderful team sent me some of their products…. Their reusable silicone fresh food pouch trio which I would compare to snap lock sandwich but hold a lot more and are obviously a lot tougher than plastic.

And also a set of food huggers – these are made of food-safe silicone and come in four sizes that easily stretch over cut fruits and veggies like apples, cucumber, lemons, tomatoes and more!

The reusable silicone pouches hold large bunches of greens, fresh or frozen fruit, meat, leftovers – they also hold liquids AND solids.

I really enjoyed using these products. It was nice to have something else to go to other than my everyday cling wrap or sandwich bags. 

The food pouches kept my fruit and veggies crisp as did the food huggers.

I’ll definitely be jumping on their website to make a few more purchases for my family!

Seed and Sprout have a wide range of plastic free products including lunchware, kitchenware, straws, bags and more.

If you’ve been looking into making your life and your families life a little more environmentally friendly, these products are definitely worth checking out.

The reviews for these products are glowing – people are loving these products!

Visit to check out their full range or head to their Instagram page to stay up to date on their latest products – just search for Seed and Sprout.

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