Hot sauces from Australia’s premier fermented hot sauce producer.

If you love hot sauce, this is going to be the Jess Test for you!

Sabarac is Australia’s premier fermented hot sauce producer. With unique flavour profiles to range in heat from mild to mildly insane, there’s a sauce for everyone!

The team at Sabarac sent me three sauces to try – their fermented Watermelon hot sauce, their fermented moroccan Fattalli Pear Hot sauce and their Fermented carolin reaper chilli sauce.

Starting from mild, to not so mild – the watermelon hot sauce is amazing. You get a hit of watermelon flavour at the start and then you slowly get the heat hit but not too crazy, and still with the hint of watermelon. The sabarac website says that this sauce goes well with prawn dumplings and gyoza. So that little pairing is next on my list to try.

Next up I tried the Moroccan Fattali Pear sauce. This one was my favourite by far. I used this on a piece of chicken for my dinner and the pairing was out of this world! Im a bit of a sook when it comes to heat in sauces and this one was perfect for me. Just the right amount of heat and the flavour – amazing!

I had the guys in the office try the carolina reaper sauce for me. If you haven’t heard of the Carolina Reaper chilli – it’s the world’s hottest pepper! Needless to say, I wasn’t going near this one! But for the heat lovers in the office, this one blew their mind. Its a ferment of carolina reapers, onion and garlic and all you need is a small drop to get the heat and flavour you’re looking for!

To check out the other delicious sauces they offer, head to their website at

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