Natural skin care created from Australian bush medicines.

I have found a beautiful skin care company that is created from bush medicines. I love everything about this company and im excited to tell you about it!

Rohr Remedy – thats R O H R – is natural skin care created from bush medicines and dermatological science and is effective, versatile and always luxurious.

Rohr follows the tradition of natural medicine developed over millennia by the world’s longest continuous living culture, that of Indigineous Australian people. They combine that ancient knowledge with scientifically proven pharmaceutical formulas, creating unique and effective skin care products.

The first thing I noticed about these products was their packaging. It’s colourful and appealing yet simple at the same time but really eye catching. The wonderful team sent me a package of their products along with some amazing info and instructions on how to use each product.

They sent me a face serum, moisturiser, body wash, lip balm, soap, and cleanser.

I love just how natural these products are. I loved using them and I will definitely continue to use them!

The moisturiser is one of the best I’ve ever used. It is light yet works really well and the smell is amazing. The face cleanser left my face feeling so fresh and looking so bright. I haven’t missed a day of using it since I started!

Their products are absolutely the perfect way to start and end your day.

Please don’t hesitate – try these products out now by visiting their website at That’s R O H R remedy.

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