Australia's seasonal health retreat box inspiring you to prioritize self-care and become the best version of you.

Imagine getting a massive box full of goodies delivered to you seasonally?

Filled with things that are good for you and that are also supporting small and local businesses..

Well, you can have that and more! Thanks to Retreat Yourself. They have a subscription service where

they deliver a box of natural and organic goodies 4 times a year to help you discover a happy and healthy life. The box is full of everything you need to create a health retreat at home! In the box is $200 worth of products, a seasonal wellness mag and a retreat day plan.

Their Autumn box had just been finalised so the team at Retreat Yourself sent one to me to try out!

Ive never had a more exciting unboxing! I got so many fantastic things like an eye mask, healthy choc chip cookies, bamboo straws, kitchen cleaner, prebiotic chocolates, Coconut water and so much more!

What a fantastic idea! For only $69.95 every 3 months, you could be receiving this at your doorstep and what a great thing to look forward to!

You can head to their website at retreat yourself box dot com to see everything you get in the box plus the boxes they have made in the past which will make you green with envy!

This is a fantastic way to start prioritising yourself and making extra time for YOU!

Each week, we put the latest products to the test with the JESS TEST on the Breeze Network of radio stations across Queensland and New South Wales.  You can read our reviews at the and see video and photos on the Breeze Facebook and Instagram pages

For more information about the Jess Test, contact Jess Harris at the Breeze at or send product samples to Jess Test, P O BOx 1730 Oxenford, Qld 4210

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