A plant-based pancake mix you can make at home!

Radical Eats is a food trailer that you will find at various locations and events around the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales.

They specialize in pancakes # made fresh to order! They use quality fresh ingredients and all of their sauces are made from scratch. In fact, everything is! Nothing they sell is artificial # all of the ingredients they use are 100% plant based.

They make all of their pancakes with their special house made gluten free and vegan batter and they guarantee that only the good stuff goes into every pancake creation that comes out of their truck!

What I love about this company, is that they also sell their pancake batter so you can cook it yourself in your own home! They have an online shop at their website where you can purchase their pancake base!

The team at Radical Eats sent me a batch of their pancake mix and it came with all of the instructions needed to whip up the pancakes.

I wont lie # im not gluten free, or vegan.. I love my sugar and dairy so I was a little sceptical about how these would taste. I was pleasantly surprised! These were delicious # the whole family loved them! I didn’t know how they would taste when I read that I had to add applesauce and apple cider vinegar to the mix, but wow!

Id highly recommend trying these out # especially if you are gluten free or vegan! A great alternative for you!


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