Reusable and biodegradable everyday items!

I am so excited to tell you about this company – and make sure you listen out for a special discount code for Breeze listeners at the end!
Porter Green is an Australian based design driven team dedicated to creating stylish reusable tools for the modern urbanite with a conscience. Each piece in their collection is able to be fully customized to create a stylish brand ambassador for corporate marketing and gifting.
They currently have three pieces in their collection:

Firstly – an URBB. Urbb stands for Urban, Reusable, Biodegradable and Bamboo. The urbb cup is the only 100% leakproof resusable cup in the market. It is biodegradable, light, made of organic material that is sterile, odourless, stain resistant, dishwasher safe and the ergonomic mouth piece makes it divine to drink from. I was lucky enough to receive a super cute leopard print version of the URBB and now I use it everyday! So easy to wash, so nice to drink out of and I love the colours and prints that they have in the range

Secondly – the FEGG – FEGG stands for foldable, ethical, go-anywhere, glass. It’s a foldable, unbreakable tumbler able to hold liquid from minus 20 to 110 degrees. My kids love these cups! They were tricky at first to get used to the foldable feel of them but now they are a favourite in our house!

Lastly – the PERSS – practical, ethical, recyclable, shopping sac. It’s a reusable bag that folds nicely into a pouch made from recyclable material. It is waterproof and washable and comes in super cute colours! I now use these daily for a beach bag, shopping bag, yoga bag.. they are so versatile!

To check out these wonderful products, head to their website at porter and use the code thejesstest to get a 15% discount!

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