A fun and playful way for kids to learn and develop core skills.

I’m always looking for new things for my kids to try and things like arts and crafts and playing, especially for my younger two, are super important to me. Its always hard to know what to buy and where to find the best stuff which is why today’s Jess Test is a good one for people with small kids and grandkids!

Play like Coco is a small Australian business which aims to connect parents and their children through fun activities and learning at home. They have compiled a series of Play like Coco Kits based on toys and activities that we use daily, either at home, or in the classroom. The Kits are educational, engaging and most of all, fun! They’ve done all of the hard work and convenience for parents was front of mind.

They provide all different kids for learning and play including general play, fine motor skills, playdough and painting.

The team at Play Like Coco sent me their Painting Kit and my kids absolutely loved it! They pack their kits with amazing products and super high quality. In their kits, they give you info with cool ideas on what you can do with the items and tips to try out with the pack. The pack had paints, a mixing palette, paintbrushes, pain stamps and a cute little paint mixing chart that the kids loved to follow when mixing their paints.

What I love about this company is that they have kids AND Parents in mind. These kits are so convenient to order and have some great times with your children while using their learning and fine motor skills!


Each week, we put the latest products to the test with the JESS TEST on the Breeze Network of radio stations across Queensland and New South Wales.  You can read our reviews at the Breeze.com.au and see video and photos on the Breeze Facebook and Instagram pages



For more information about the Jess Test, contact Jess Harris at the Breeze at jess.harris@thebreeze.com.au or send product samples to Jess Test, P O BOx 1730 Oxenford, Qld 4210

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