Pawfect Pals sell luxurious pet accessories, at affordable prices.

If you have a dog and you love dog accessories, then this is The Jess Test for you!

Pawfect Pals is a company that specializes in dog accessories. From bandanas, to harnesses to leads and they have some super cute patterns to choose from!

The story behind Pawfect Pals is this: Sometimes life brings you down, but the unconditional love of a dog lifts you back up.

Owners Kyla and Ryan faced the normal ups and downs that we all do but there was one thing that they had all along – the love from their pets.

They created Pawfect Pals because that kind of true, unconditional love is worthy of a celebration.
They know that there are so many people out there like them who love their dogs just as much as they love theirs and they are who they created Pawfect Pals for.

They were lovely enough to send out a few accessories for my dog Sav. He is a miniature dachshund and we, as a family, love dressing him up!

It was very exciting when our package arrived. We got to choose the pattern we wanted, which was super hard because there are a bunch of great ones to choose from! The first thing we did is dress Sav up and have a little photo shoot – you can check those photos out at our website! The next thing we did was put on his bandana, his new harness and his lead and take him for a big walk! I reckon he felt pretty fancy in his new gear!

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