Radio One Day Sale

This is the biggest sale on radio advertising for 2022!

Our advertisers compare this advertising sale to CLICK FRENZY & BLACK FRIDAY all rolled into one!

If you’re looking for the best deal on radio advertising or want to promote your business using radio advertising, then the Breeze ONE DAY SALE is the best time to get your business advertising on radio and online with our amazing offers.

Why Radio? We speak to your customers every day.

Every day this radio station speaks to thousands of people. Thousands of people that you could be talking to about your business: your products & services.

GfK Radio Insights is an online radio survey which provides additional perspective to the GfK Australian Radio Ratings. n=1,272 representative sample by age, gender, location of Australians (Radio listeners n=1,014 | Non-listeners n=258), People 10+. Survey period 12-28 January 2021.


Radio creates familiarity and trust - it’s word of mouth advertising

People listen to radio to stay up to date with what is happening, find out details about local events and most importantly to be entertained.

“When the world turned upside down, we turned on the radio to escape the madness. We found our sanity in the music and personalities on our radio station”

“Our radio advertising kept us top of mind with our customers during those tough months in 2020 and now our business is growing faster than ever before.”

“Our radio advertising account manager helped us tap into a whole new audience. We now see radio differently. Combined with our organic and paid media our phones are ringing again and people are coming in buying.”

For ONE DAY ONLY, we are giving businesses the chance to get radio advertising for 75% off the normal price

At the Breeze we connect to our audience, building trust with our music and personalities. Our on air hosts are established friends. People trust the people they turn to every day, like our Breakfast Host Rob Doorey, Morning announcer Donna Lynch and Drive Show host Jess Harris. So when we speak directly to your customers, it’s word of mouth advertising that can promote and recommend your products and services.


Now is the time to have the conversation & get ready to get your business booming again in 2022.

Talk to one of our experienced account managers today. Each of our account managers deal with businesses like yours & specialise in creating marketing strategies that grow your business using traditional media, digital marketing & outdoor advertising campaigns.


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