Gold Coast medical centres Medical on Robina and Medical on Miami have come up with a novel and fun way to promote October Breast Cancer Awareness Month and encourage more women to become aware of the importance of checking their breasts. 

Women are being encouraged to buddy up with friends to get their breasts checked during the month and then head off to either local coffee shops Euphoria in Robina or Quade in Miami for a free coffee.  

Jodie Shepherd took up the challenge and said, “ Until recently I believed that I only needed an ultrasound for my check-up as I have lumps in my breasts that will always be detected in a mammogram so I thought I may as well just go straight to getting the ultrasound. I thought wrong. I caught up with the lovely Dr Roxy at Medical on Robina to find out the importance of having mammograms and I’d love as many women as possible to take a listen below”.