Cultivating beauty and skin focused products that are good for you and our planet.

NASKIN has been curated for beauty, body and self care. They’re not just a beauty brand – they promote sustainable beauty and they are committed to you and our planet.

Their products focus on ethical, sustainable and eco alternatives and their extensive research ensures that they source only the highest grade products from the most authentic sustainable producers across the globe. 

Their products use Konjac cleansing pods. Unlike most pods, the NASKIN are made from 100% pure Konjac plants grown in the mountains of Japan. Each POD is individually handcrafted using pure Konjac and mountain spring water – thats it!

The team sent me one of their naskin face pods and before I used this, I didnt know just how much I needed it in my life! I always wash my face and take care of it but never thought of actually exfoliating it.

While using this product, I’ve learnt that skin gets duller as you age so including a gentle exfoliation in your daily beauty routine helps to take away that dull top layer of skin – it’s the simple secret to getting skin that glows. You can use the NAS pod to cleanse – just with water – morning and night. If you don’t want to use chemicals, this is the product for you!

They have a whole range of skin and body pods on their website – plus a whole range of self care products that you will love!

Visit their website at nas complexion dot com or you can get more info by visiting The Jess Test section of our website at the breeze dot com dot au

Each week, we put the latest products to the test with the JESS TEST on the Breeze Network of radio stations across Queensland and New South Wales.  You can read our reviews at the and see video and photos on the Breeze Facebook and Instagram pages

For more information about the Jess Test, contact Jess Harris at the Breeze at or send product samples to Jess Test, P O BOx 1730 Oxenford, Qld 4210 

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