Solid scents for men and women that smell amazing!

How good is a great smelling man? Even better, as a lady, how good is it to find a nice scent that smells amazing and actually stays on? If you’ve been looking for just that – listen up!

Narrative Lab is an empowering brand of solid, customisable fragrances for men and women. That’s right – solid! No spray or roll on. These scents are solid and they smell amazing!

The guys from Narrative Lab sent me a few scents to try. The packaging is some of the best I have seen. Your personally customised scent comes in a steel fragrance vessel that swivel’s open for easy access. There are three sections to the vessel – base, subtle and intense. They’re all built upon the same heart notes of the base fragrance so you can apply it anyway you want. There’s no wrong or right way to use solid wax perfume.

They build their fragrances around four quadrants – Earth, Forest, Mist and Midnight. Each quadrant holds different notes and scents and you can find all of that info out at their website.

They also offer fragrance sample cards for a really great price so that you can pick the one you love before purchasing it!

If you’re looking for a Christmas present that’s a little different but will be very loved by whoever is receiving it, you won’t be disappointed with these solid scents!

Narrative Lab fragrance is the daily ritual you need to take back your morning, your day and your life. Your decisions, your life, your fragrance…own it!

Visit their website at

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