Eco, organic and biodegradable earth friendly products for Mums, Dads and bubs!

Luvme Eco can provide you a house full of incredible eco, organic and bio-degradable earth-friendly brands.

The team sent me a few goodies to try including nappies, wipes and family wash.

Their wipes are moistened with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and very mild preservatives. Some wipes use tea tree oil or other ingredients which for sensitive skin can sting and rash babies. I loved using these wipes. You could tell that they weren’t as full of chemicals as the brands I normally use. And the face wipes didn’t leave my face and skin oily like some wipes can.

The nappies are biodegradable making them more landfill friendly. Even the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. The nappies are super soft and stretchy. My son loved putting these on for bedtime. He loved the cute panda print on the front and no nappy rash was found after wearing these! They are also made from bamboo making them THREE times more absorbent than cotton and corn fibre products.

The growing of bamboo requires no water or pesticides making it naturally organic to grow. There are also no chemicals used in the process of making the bamboo fibre.

I absolutely love these products. If you would love to know more, visit their website at – you won’t be disappointed!

They have a full range of wipes, nappies, cloth nappies, cute little cotton shorts, sunscreen and more!

If you’re a Mum or Dad or are pregnant, this is the perfect little online shop for you!

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