A natural cold sore treatment for kids!

If you or your kids suffer from cold sores and you would really like to try and avoid using chemicals to assist with them, I have the product for you!

Little Fox Lip Balm is an Australian business and their products are Australian made and owned. Their mission is to help ease cold sore outbreaks and their occurrences.

All of the ingredients in their products have been selected for a specific purpose.
Coconut Oil to help keep lips moist, Candelilla Wax to lessen the environmental impact and provide body to the balm and essential oils to help during a breakout.
The main and most important ingredient in their balms is Melissa Oil or as it is commonly known as, Lemon Balm Oil. Melissa oil is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic and antidepressant properties.

These cute little balms come in three scents – plain lemon balm, lemon balm and tea tree and lemon balm and peppermint.

One of my sons and my husband are both prone to getting a cold sore every so often so I used them as my guinea pigs for this one!

And I was pleasantly surprised! When I used it on my son, his cold sore started to disappear a couple of days after using the balm. My husband always tells me that he gets a tingly feeling when a cold sore is about to pop up, so when that happened, we started using the lip balm and thecold sore didnt even appear!

And, to top it all off, I now use the lip balm on a daily basis as my everyday lipbalm! Yes, it works for assistance with cold sores but I also love it as an everyday balm too! It’s gentle enough for kids but also strong enough for adults – a great product!

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