Licking mats designed as tasty boredom busters for your dog or cat.

You know when you leave the house, and the dog sits at the window and makes you feel really bad that you’ve left him or her behind or the cat rubs against your legs as you’re about to walk out the door and makes you get the fur parent guilts about leaving them alone?

Well, this product is sure to keep your fur babies happy while you’re out!

Lickimat is a versatile boredom buster for your pet and a long lasting treat maker.

It’s a flat board that you can place on the floor or wherever your pet can reach that has little grooves in it that you fill with delicious treats like peanut butter, yoghurt and mashed banana. Pets love to lick away at the mat and enjoy the flavours. Because of the texture it takes the dog or cat a long time to finish, keeping them busy while you’re out. The best thing is you don’t need a lot of food to make a long-lasting treat, so no overfeeding.

For small dogs and cats, it also doubles up as a slow feeder.

Both my cat and dog LOVE this product! On a normal day, they are left alone for up to 8 hours so the Lickimat keeps them very entertained! My dog Sav gets so excited now everytime I grab the Lickimat because he knows the goodness that he gets to enjoy all day! My cat Luca is a bit of a snob and usually only likes his food bowl, his food and his water but he enjoys a good treat in the Lickimat too!

Lickimat has been included in the high ranking best sellers on Amazon USA (#1,9 and 10 in slow feeders).

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