Something drip bags!

The Laughing Pug Coffee Company believe that coffee lovers need a way to get consistently good coffee in order to kickstart their day and ultimately fulfil their goals and dreams – and im sure most of you listening would definitely agree!

The guys at Laughing Pug sent me some of their drip coffee bags to test out. They’re perfect for enjoying at your business, home or on the go and they say that their drip coffee filters will revolutionize your coffee game.

The biodegradeable drip bags, carefully made with the perfect ground organic arabica beans, are ideal for enjoying anywhere, anytime, transporting you to your favourite coffee shop.

Because they are biodegradeable, you can even reuse the puches in your garden to plant seedlings if you’ve got that extra energy boost after drinking your coffee!

The Breeze team was pretty happy when the package from Laughing Pug arrived because they all know I can’t drink coffee, which means they get to test the product out for me!

The drip bags were super popular. We loved testing them out and seeing how they worked. I would highly recommend trying them out for yourself, especially if you’re on the go. They’re super handy to have and as long as you’ve got some boiling water near you, you’re all set! Everyone in the office loved the coffee, it had a great taste and wasnt weak or bitter.

Laughing Pug also sell tote bags, whole beans, drinking chocolate, chocolate coated coffee beans and plenty of accessories for your average coffee drinker!

They also do great packs full of coffee goodies that would make perfect gifts.

Visit their website at the laughing pug dot com dot au to check it all out!

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