100% natural deodorant enriched with probiotics and magnesium!

I’ve spoken to you before about a great natural deodorant that I had been using and it was a veru popular segment with a lot of you wanting to know more.

So, ive been looking around and had another one I wanted to chat to you about.

KIND-LY is a 100% Natural Deodorant enriched with Probiotics & Magnesium. It’s free from aluminium, parabens, alcohol and nasties and is made from only natural and organic ingredients.

The team at KIND-LY sent me three of their deodorants to try – Lavendar and Bergamot, Cypress and Sandalwood and Coconut and Vanilla. They were all great but I have to say the Coconut and Vailla was my favourite – it reminded me of Summer!

They also sent me what the call an armpit detox. It’s a 7-day armpit mask. I know, it sounds a little weird – I thought the same thing, but, I was pleasantly surprised! The Armpit Detox works to magnetically draw out impurities, clear skin and assist in the transition to natural deodorant.

I was already using natural deodorant so didn’t really need to use the mask but I did, and so glad I did! It works really well and smells great!

After using a couple of natural deodorants, I will never go back to the others. I never thought that these would be something I would enjoy using but I definitely do! I still feel 100% fresh at the end of the day, whereas with my old spray deodorant, I felt like I needed to reapply by lunchtime in the hotter months!

If you would like to know more about KIND-LY, you can head to our website at the breeze dot com dot au

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