24K Gold Skin Masks!

James Cosmetics provides luxury cosmetics and masks and they are trusted by the worlds stop celebrities to get red carpet ready.

I was lucky enough to receive a package from the beautiful team at James Cosmetics and to be honest I felt pretty special to be able to test out these wonderful products!

They sent me a box of their famous 24k Gold eye masks to try and ive never been so sad to run out of a product! I cant express enough how much of a difference these made to my eyes and just how good they felt after taking them off! They infuse real gold into these masks which are meant to smooth your skin. Along with ingredients like Vitamin A and Grapeseed oil, these masks are just lovely to wear! I felt like I was getting a VIP treatment just by wearing these!

Chuck one of these on when you are having your morning tea or coffee and you won’t regret it. It’s a little pick me up before you start your day! Or, pop them on while you’re getting ready for a night out, you’ll de-puff and be glowing!

These masks are known for their perfect formula that reduces puffiness and tightens your skin. The 24k nano gold in the masks aid in smoothing wrinkles and has been connected with anti-ageing remedies. The Vitamin A has been said to repair ageing skin and fight the signs of ageing and the Grape Seed extract is known to be highly nourishing and reduce wrinkles.

James Cosmetics have a full range of products on their website including skincare, makeup and more masks for your lips and eyes.


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