Undeniably strong, smooth & delicious bitter free coffee.

Coffee fans rejoice! This week we are looking at High Voltage Coffee – an undeniably strong, smooth and delicious bitter free coffee.

Unfortunately, with this review I had to phone a friend because my dear old heart won’t allow me to drink coffee. However, the wonderful team here at the Breeze are mostly all coffee drinkers and were more than happy to take over for me on this one!

The lovely Peter from High Voltage sent us two packets of their very popular coffee beans. The front of the packet says ‘Coffee so strong it will shock you!’ which made the caffeine lovers in the office very excited!!

I got some great feedback from the team. Everyone loved the coffee. Di said it was strong, but not so overpowering that you couldn’t drink it. She drinks her coffee with no milk and no sugar so thats saying something!

Adam said he found that it had a really smooth flavour and wasn’t bitter at all compared to the coffee that he normally drinks. 

Jacob agreed with all of the feedback above and even did a taste test compared to his current coffee and was impressed with the taste difference.

High Voltage’s beans are carefully selected and uniquely roasted to produce high quality coffee. Their beans are ethically and sustainably sourced from rainforest alliance farmers, which are roasted here in Australia. They’re guaranteed fresh and delivered to your doorstep within days of roasting.

Head to their website at highvoltagecoffee.com.au to get yourself some delicious coffee and check out the range of espresso pods and mugs that they’ve just released!

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