Beautiful Aloe Vera based cosmetics!

I had the lovely Abbi from Grace Cosmetics contact me wanting me to chat about her products on The Jess Test. After having a look at their website and learning about the product, this company was definitely something I wanted to tell you all about!

They are a family owned and operated business and have been around for over 30 years. Their products are cruelty free, non toxic and 100% made with natural Australian ingredients.

Instead of adding water to their skincare formulas, they use Aloe Vera. The benefits of Aloe have been around for centuries because of it’s rich hydration and natural healing remedies.

I remember as a kid, whenever I would get sunburnt, my Mum would go outside to our aloe vera tree, cut a bit off and smother me in aloe. It fixed by sunburn up quick smart and I do the same thing now to my children!

Back in January, Grace Cosmetics sent out hundreds of bottles of their aloe vera gel to our brave firies, wildlife and victims of the bushfires because they knew the impact it would have on skin burns and healing.

This is such a beautiful range – the packaging and the products are really appealing and I think the winner for me is the Aloe. They have a massive selection of products like body wash, sea salt scrub, cleanser, reverse wrinkle serum, skin oil, hydrating gel and more.

I was lucky enough to try out a lot of these products and they must be pretty good – because ive continued to use them to this day!

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