Vegan, organic and cruelty free makeup!

If you lead an active lifestyle and love to wear makeup, I’ve found an amazing brand for you to try! If you haven’t heard of Fitcover – it is a sweat-proof, vegan and cruelty free makeup made for active lifestyles. It’s all about empowerment, beauty, well-being and everything fitness. 

I’ve been using Fitcover for the last few weeks and I’ve got nothing but good things to say! The team sent me the shade ‘Naked’ in their active mineral powder foundation and it sits so nicely on my face! I sent the team a photo of myself in natural lighting and they colour matched it perfectly. It sits so lightweight on my face and it lasts all day long! I don’t go to a gym but I dance a lot and this makeup stayed put even after having a good sweat after dancing in the heat we are having at the moment! Add in work and mum life and by the end of the day it was like I had just applied it!

I have quite red and patchy skin on my face which is the main reason I wear makeup and the Fitcover foundation gave me such great coverage and again – its so light! They don’t just do foundation either – they have a bunch of other accessories and products on their website including mascara, serums, tanning products and accessories and more!

You can visit their website and check out all of these products at – they also have gift cards available for those active beauty’s in your life!!

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