Evidence based, Australian made and cruelty free skin care.

Now, I know that I have covered a lot of skincare in the time that The Jess Test has been running – but in my defense, there are so many great options out there that I just have to share them with you! No one’s skin is the same and thats why I want to tell you all about E S K Skincare.

Their products are formulated using evidence based ingredients to effectively repair and slow down skin aging while managing common skin concerns.

The team at E S K sent me a questionnaire to fill out that helps determine the appropriate regime – depending on your skin type and concerns. I mentioned in the questionaire that I suffer from a bit of redness in my face – I really hate it and it’s really the only reason why I wear a light layer of foundation daily – just to cover it up!

The skincare pack that I received from E S K was so great. Full of information and lots of products to help me out with my daily skincare routine. They tell you in the info what products to use when – AM or PM – and how to use them. I think the massive benefit to this is that when you buy products for your face, half the time you have no idea what to do with them. Do I cleanse or tone first? Can I put moisturiser under my makeup? There are always so many questions but E S K answer them as soon as you have the products.

After using these products I noticed that the redness in my skin disappears the day after I wash my face. I remember waking up the first morning and my skin was glowing. Its such a nice feeling to not have that redness there and I was so happy with the results that I didnt even reach for the foundation! A pop of mascara and I was on my way!

If you want to use skincare that is based on your skin, not everyone else’s, I highly recommend checking out E S K skincare. You can find all of their info at our website – the breeze dot com dot au


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