Edible cookie doh that is safe to eat raw, straight out of the tub, no cooking required!

If you are a fan of cookie doh like me, you’re going to want to listen to me for the next couple of minutes because I have found a product you are going to love!

Cookie Doh Co is run by three siblings in Melbourne who share a love for the simple things. Family, friends, having fun and creating everlasting memories. Cookie Doh Co was born from their memories of playing together as kids, baking in the kitchen and licking the spoon of the cookie mix.

Their cookie doh is safe to eat raw, straight out of the tub, and no cooking is required!

They have a bunch of delicious flavours including raspberry and white chocolate, cookies and cream, chocolate chip, triple chocolate and apple and cinnamon. They also have most of those flavours available in gluten free.

The design of the tubs are super cute and colourful for each flavour. I can 100% say that this cookie doh is delicious! Obviously it is super sweet, which may turn a few people off. But if you are a massive lover of cookie doh, you will savour that sweetness!!

My favourite flavour was definitely the cookies and cream. It tasted the closest to ‘original’ cookie dough and I’m an old school fan so that appealed to me.

If you love apple and cinnamon tea cake or a lover of those two flavours together, you will LOVE the apple and cinnamon flavour.

As I said earlier, the cookie dough is 100% safe to eat raw – no eggs are used in the product, not even as a pasteurised substitute.

These little tubs would make perfect end of year or Christmas presents.

To get some for yourself, visit their website at cookiedoh.co


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