Nutritious and delicious meals delivered to your door!

If you’ve been looking for a great tasting meal delivery service, look no further than Chef Good!

Chef Good use locally sourced ingredients that are hand crafted by real-life chefs in Melbourne and they are made with whole foods that are good for you! They express deliver across Australia, direct to your front door. And if you’re not home, don’t worry! Your food is neatly packaged in a box with ice packs to keep your food fresh until you get home.

They didn’t want convenience to trump health or taste so they created a new style of prepared meals that are always nutritious, delicious and high quality.

Chef good delivered a box of goodies to Breeze headquarters and I was blown away by the range of meals that were on offer. There were breakfast, lunch and dinner options and delicious options they were! 

There were meals such as curries, burritos, pasta, salad – they have a massive range, all calorie controlled and all natural ingredients.

These guys offer affordable meal plans like Slim and Trim, Train and Tone, Mix and Match, and even cater for vegetarians. The vegetarian menu is amazing with lots of great options.

The meals are super convenient and I didn’t taste a bad one out of all of the ones I tried!

Overall, they have an easy online service with a wide range of choice and whether you are working out and looking to eat lean or just trying to eat healthy, they have meals to suit everyone’s needs and they taste amazing!


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