A secret formula lip balm to help dry and cracked lips!

If you’re a lip balm fan like myself and have been looking for a really good one, I may have just found a cracker for you!

Winter may be over and our chapped lips are finally being given a break, but Summer will soon be here and if you’re anything like me, I use my lip balm all year!

This week I’ve had the chance to review Breeze Balm – an everyday lip balm that gives you a glossy and plumping finish.

Breeze Balm was created back in the 1950’s as a family secret lip balm and has evolved into a brand popular all around the world.

They come in a range of delicious scents – including coconut smooch, candy kiss caramel, apple burst, go go mango, and watermelon crush. They’ve also just recently released a strawberry scent.

The lovely team at Breeze Balm sent me a package to try which had two other scents – pineapple and grape sorbet plus one called ‘Perfect Pout’ which is their original flavour.

These aren’t just for the ladies either, Breeze Balm has a scent called ‘Hero’ which was created to be unisex in colour and has a vanilla scent. Or, the gents could just use any of the others too! 

I’m a massive fan of lip balm and its really hard to find a good one! Well I have to say, I’m going to give Breeze Balm a 9 out of 10.

The lip balm is thick and stays on for ages. The scents are amazing, the packaging is super cute and the application tube it comes in makes it really nice to apply.

If you’d like to check out the Breeze Balm range, head to breeze balm dot com and check it all out! They have gift cards and bundles and they offer Afterpay!


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