The world’s first stylish and most effective blue and green light blocking eyewear.

Today I wanna tell you about an awesome company that provides advanced light filtering eyewear. Blublox are the only company who offer blue light filtering lenses backed by science.

Their lenses are manufactured and fitting in Australian labs – not overseas. Their team constantly monitor the latest fashion trends and launch new lines of frames every 6 to 12 months. They cater to everyone which is why they also have a custom made prescription service available.

Blublox sent me a pair of their Clarke computer glasses. They’re so comfortable to wear and feel like they are really good quality. I wore them for a couple of weeks and really felt like it made a difference. I sit in front of a computer most of the day and when Im not doing that, I’m usually on my phone and I tend to get dry eyes and headaches. Wearing these really helped.

Something else I would love to try that I spotted on their website was their remedy sleep mask. Blublox as created a 100% light blocking eye mask for improved REM and deep sleep. Did you know that even a tiny amount of light hitting your closed eyes at night is enough to decrease deep sleep and REM which is he most restorative of our sleep cycles.

Made from a moldable fabric, the eye mask provides 100% light blocking without sacrificing comfort and total darkness is guaranteed.

From kids to adults – their collection has something for everyone.  

Visit their website at

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