Chemical free relief from mosquito bites

I don’t know about your family – but my family have been getting covered in mosquito bites of late and my youngest children scratch and scratch at their mozzie bites and end up with sores all over them. Its so frustrating and at their age, they are never going to listen when you tell them to stop scratching! And as adults, there’s nothing worse than being covered in mosquito bites and wanting to itch them like crazy.

The good news is that I have found a solution! And this product is now one that I will have plenty of stock of in my medicine cabinet!

Bite Patch is a chemical free insect bite relief patch that is safe for children and alleviates scratching to avoid scarring. You simply place the patch on the insect bite and relief is near instantaneous. The patches lasts between 4 to 7 days and will fall off naturally or can be removed at any time.

You don’t place them on an open wound – the best time to put them on is right after the bite happens, just as you notice it and it starts getting itchy.

Bitepatch uses trans-dermal grid technology to raise the top layer of your skin from the second layer of your skin to relive irritation. They are latex free and each patch is coated with a skin friendly acrylate adhesive so there should be no reason for an allergic reaction.

My kids loved that the patches come in different colours and I loved that that they also came in a nude colour, so you can cover them up if needed. 

These definitely passed the test for me and I would highly recommend giving them a try – something the whole family can use! Check them out at bite patch dot com dot au

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