Stylish glasses that alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain, filter out blue light and eliminate glare.

I have been told for months from my doctor that I need to get myself some blue light blocking glasses to cure the headaches I’ve been getting from working in front of a computer all day.

So, I contacted the lovely team from Baxter Blue and they sent me two pairs of their very stylish blue light blocking glasses to review.

Baxter Blue are the stylish solution to combat the effects of digital eye strain. Wearing their glasses reduces sleep issues and headaches from exposure to blue light and digital screens. 

You’ve probably seen Baxter Blue pop up in your social media feeds, they’re super popular and I can definitely see why after wearing their glasses the last couple of weeks.

They have a massive range of stylish glasses on their website with different shaped and coloured frames. 

The awesome thing about Baxter Blue is that they give back! For every pair purchased they will provide a pair of reading glasses to a person in need. They have partnered with RestoringVision to give the gift of vision to those throughout the world who would not otherwise have access to glasses.

If you suffer from sore eyes or headaches from working in an office – these are the glasses for you!

I was getting super dry and sore eyes and headaches at the end of each day and after using these glasses, they have really alleviated those symptoms!

Visit baxter blue dot com dot au to get yourself a pair. And don’t forget to upload a photo of yourself wearing the glasses and tag Baxter Blue and they’ll donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need! 

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