Aromatherapy Wellness Patches bursting with essential oil goodness!

In my time doing The Jess Test, I have covered a lot of different products, but something I have never heard of before are Aromatherapy Wellness Patches.

Aromatherapy Wellness patches are convenient, ready-made packages bursting with essential oil goodness!

If you experience trouble sleeping, travel sickness, you need an energy boost or headache relief. Or your children might be congested with the winter chills? Aroma Patches are the best way to start your wellness journey. Each patch targets a different condition.  Think of Aroma Patches as a therapeutic breath work coach lasting 6-8 hours. How easy is that?

They have a great range of patches for all different things and I love how easy they are. You just tear open the package, stick on your chest or collar and breathe in the aromatic goodness for the rest of the day!

I love this product. I already use essential oils daily in my house and for ailments such as anxiety, colds, trouble sleeping etc and the fact that I can just pop one of these patches on myself or my family at any time makes me very happy!

They even sell a blank patch that you can add your own essential oils to if you have a particular blend that you like to use.

You can visit their website aroma patch dot com dot or head to the breeze dot com dot au for more info

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