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Rules for Charcuterie


5 simple rules to create your own charcuterie board

You’re a novice at charcuterie board creation?

If you’ve ever put together a cheese board, you’ve already mastered the basics. Follow these 5 simple rules and you’ll be creating masterpieces to impress your friends and family this weekend.

 1. USE A VARIETY OF CURED MEATS AND SALAMI, 3 or more selections. Keep the meat to easy to handle or bite size pieces. Get your local deli to do the slicing and dicing for you. Allow three pieces of meat per person.

 2. PATÉ – A paté is a mixture of cooked ground meat with additions like vegetables, truffles, and nuts, minced into a creamy spreadable paste. Start testing now and find the one you like most. Some deli’s now allow you to take home pate by the slice so you can mix and match. Just don’t do more than two types on the one board.

 3. SOMETHING PICKLED – Pickled vegetables are a fantastic pairing with meats and a must on a board. Have at least one selection. Try gherkins (tiny pickles), pickled red onions, pickled okra, olives, or pickled mushrooms.

 4. SPREADS – Sweet and savoury spreads pair great on a cracker with a slice of cured meat or sausage. Try Apricot or cherry preserves for sweet and brown mustard, maple mustard seed, or stone ground mustard for the savoury. Serve by the spoonful on the board with a small spoon or knife available for serving. I like to have one selection of both sweet and savoury.

 5. BREAD and CRACKERS – A selection of crackers and bread such as a sliced baguette or croissants are a welcome sight to any board.

 HOW TO SERVE: Serve everything already sliced on one board. If you don’t have room for the bread and crackers, serve on the side.


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